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SimpleFIN Bridge

Securely provide your bank transaction data to apps.
Bank 1 Checking
Bank 1 Savings
Bank 2 Mortgage
Bank 3 Checking
Bank 3 Credit card
transaction data
(SimpleFIN Bridge)
Budgeting app
Custom script
Your accountant

Use the SimpleFIN Bridge to give applications read-only access to your financial accounts.

This service costs 50¢ per bank per month, billed 3 months at a time.

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Why SimpleFIN Bridge?

The mission of the SimpleFIN Bridge is to not exist. The primary reason the SimpleFIN Bridge exists is to get banks to improve access and security. Once banks improve, the SimpleFIN Bridge will go away.

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Are you a developer?

Use the quickstart to build an app/script that can consume SimpleFIN data. Read the ridiculously simple SimpleFIN spec. And get on the waiting list.