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Security & Privacy

WARNING: The following document is written by a developer with no marketing skills—it might be surprisingly more honest than you're used to.

You want your data secure and private. So do we.


Last updated: July 7, 2015

Your bank and transaction data is your own. We do not sell it or share it behind your back. We do not profit from your bank and transaction data. Instead, we profit from your payments for the service.

We do count accounts and institutions for billing and scaling purposes.

We contract with third parties to handle bank connection, and your credentials will be passed to them.

Anonymous, aggregated data, other financial account information, or other available information that is offered to you may be made use of by our third party partners to carry out some assessment research, efficiency follow-up and comparison. Our third party partners may avail in print summary or aggregated results regarding to metrics consisting of research information, from time to time, and disseminate or license such unnamed, aggregated research data for any reason, including but not limited to, aiding the improvement of products and services and boosting troubleshooting and technical assistance. Your personally identifiable data will not be shared with or given to third parties.


Last updated: June 20, 2016

For what it's worth, we use this service because we feel safe using it.

We can't answer the question, "Is the SimpleFIN Bridge secure?" because it depends on your definition of "secure." So, we'll tell you what we do to secure things and you can decide if it's secure enough for you to use it.

To be frank: there is a risk associated with giving out your bank account credentials (to us or any other website that asks for them). We understand that risk and do everything we can to secure your data.

Security Measures

What are we missing?

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